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The Seed Savers at Station Arts Centre

The Seed Savers will be presented at the Station Arts Centre in Rosthern, SK, from July 1 to August 1, 2010, directed by Michael Clark, stage managed by Diana Domm, set by Hans Becker, sound design by Paul Morgan Donald, lighting by Tim Cardinal and costumes by Theresa Germaine.

How are rural folk—coming out of traditions that go back generations—coping with the changes of the twenty-first century? What happened to the practice of putting away garden and grain seeds for next year’s planting? What does the future hold for our food and the people who grow it? The Seed Savers is a compelling story of one family’s—one community’s—struggle to understand and readjust to rapid changes outside their control.

Featuring Sharon Bakker as Mindy, Kent Allen as Joe,  Carmela Sison as Sky, Will Brooks as Solo and  Matt Josdal as Tyler.

Tickets are available by calling the Station Arts Centre at (306)232-5332.