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Taking Flight premiere

image003Taking Flight is a documentary about Citie Ballet going professional, written by Katherine Koller and produced and directed by Theresa Wynnyk of Company of Women on the Screen for TelusOptik TV. The 40-minute film documents the struggles of Citie Ballet of Edmonton in its first year as a professional company. In preparation for the last two shows of the season, Barocco Beat and Ariadne’s Gate, this film takes us inside the studio during rehearsal, to meetings with designers and interviews with dancers Mingyi, Kayley, Caliegh, Allison, Sarah and Nyda. Artistic Director Francois Chevennement shares his dream and Ballet Mistress Laurence Menotti-Chevennement drills the dancers. Music by Bach and Tchaikovsky accompanies the journey of six young dancers in their first professional engagement. The film premieres on September 28, 2013,  at 4:30 p.m. at the Garneau Theatre as part of Alberta Culture Days.