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Art Lessons chapter preview

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Hear Katherine read a chapter, “Tree Day,” here (13 min):  Tree_Day_Version2

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Art Lessons by Katherine Koller is in the voice of Cassie,  who discovers the transformative power of visual art in herself and on the lives of others, from a seven-year-old to seventeen. Cassie is in a family of sports nuts, she’s a loner, and easily distracted by boyfriends but in love with trees, her inspiration for drawing, and the process of art-making, which to her feels like floating.  While unlikely teachers of all ages challenge her, her Polish grandmother, Babci, is an intuitive guide on Cassie’s path to becoming an artist. Through her own heightened observational skills and awareness of her difference, Cassie is saved by her art, changing as the trees she continues to draw over time.

Published by Enfield & Wizenty, Great Plains Publishing, fall 2016 (YA crossover fiction)

Upcoming readings: Oct 2, 3 pm at St. Albert Public Library, Forsyth Room;
Oct 6, 7:30 pm at Belgravia Community Hall, 116 St. and 74 Ave.