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Voices of the Land: The Seed Savers and Other Plays

Voices of the Land book cover - The Seed Savers and other plays by Katherine KollerVoices of the Land: The Seed Savers and Other Plays by Katherine Koller are plays about transformation in the western Canadian landscape:  prairie, lake and woods. An element of the natural world is present in each play, not only as setting, but as character, sometimes voiced by the human characters, sometimes not, but always present.  These plays, which range from romantic comedy to drama, and from one-act to full-length, show western Canadians themselves at the point of leaving, returning and renewing in their own landscape.  Voices of the Land: The Seed Savers and Other Plays contains a Preface by the playwright, Katherine Koller, which outlines her process of working with the historical conflict of genetically modified seeds that provided the impetus for “The Seed Savers,” and an Introduction placing the work in the context of western Canadian drama by theatre scholar Anne Nothof.  Production photographs of all the plays, including “Cowboy Boots and a Corsage,” “The Early Worm Club” and “Abby’s Place” illustrate the collection.  Athabasca University Press.

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