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Riverkeeper, Jane Chambers Playwriting Award Finalist

THE JANE CHAMBERS AWARD for Excellence in Feminist Playwriting recognizes new plays and performance texts created by women writers which present a feminist perspective and that provide significant opportunities for female performers.  Sponsored by the Women and Theatre Program with the Association for Theater in Higher Education, the contest understands feminism to cross an array of class, sex, race, national, ethnic, theatrical, and/or geographic perspectives. The Finalists are:

Rae Binstock for Consequences

Pauline Davd-Sax for How We Survived

Steph Del Rosso for The Gradient

Val Dunn for Down in the Holler

Morgan Gould for Nicole Clark is Having a Baby

Katherine Koller for Riverkeeper

Jenny Grace Makholm for Vanquished

Lara Miller for Catch

Winter Miller for Spare Rib

Rachel Luann Strayer for The Last Daughter