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A collection of fifteen stories by Katherine Koller about the second chances given us, and why we take them or not. Available in paperback at at Great Plains Publications and for Kindle at Hear Katherine’s interview about second chances at

Art Lessons Cover

 Art Lessons, a novel,  is told in the voice of Cassie from seven to eighteen. As she grows, she discovers the transformative power of visual art in herself and on the lives of others.

Crossover fiction. Age 14 and up. 2016.
Published by Enfield & Wizenty, an imprint of Great Plains. Order here.

Top 10 Books by Edmonton Authors in 2016- Edmonton Journal
Finalist, Robert Kroetsch Edmonton Book Prize, 2017
Finalist, Alberta Readers’ Choice Award, 2017
Finalist, CAA Exporting Alberta Award, 2017


“Koller’s ability to entertain through her writing is evident.”-Winnipeg Free Press

“Koller delivers a convincing sense of innocent curiosity and wonder in the young Cassie, tied to seemingly simplistic but revealing language. Later, the teenage Cassie gradually comes to exhibit alternating emotions of growing confidence and insecurity over her art, the opposite sex and her future in general that anyone should be able to identify with in recalling their teenage years.” –Edmonton Journal

“Koller’s novel takes a refreshing angle on how a young woman becomes an artist, mentored and encouraged by other women who teach her not only about art, but about life. The look that Cassie’s mother gives her children is likened to how Cassie feels when she looks at her own art. “It’s the look you give your creation,” Cassie writes. . . . Koller’s novel explores universal concepts of what it means to exist and grow, to root and transplant—as an artist, a woman, a human, a living thing. Art Lessons has the potential to take root in your heart—let it.” – Room Magazine

Katherine Koller is available for author visits to bookclubs,  mother-daughter bookclubs and libraries in the fall of 2017.  Contact her at to book an author visit. Download her Bookclub Guide for Art Lessons below.

Art Lessons for Bookclubs

To learn more about mother-daughter bookclubs, view the PDF below of Katherine’s how-to guide and reflection on her own three mother-daughter bookclubs, which appeared in the Winter 2017 issue of WestWord:

Moms and Girls who Read Together


Voices of the Land book cover - The Seed Savers and other plays by Katherine Koller

Voices of the Land: The Seed Savers and Other Plays are plays about transformation in the western Canadian landscape:  prairie, lake and woods. An element of the natural world is present in each play, not only as setting, but as character, sometimes voiced by the human characters, sometimes not, but always present.  These plays, which range from romantic comedy to drama, and from one-act to full-length, show western Canadians themselves at the point of leaving, returning and renewing in their own landscape.  Voices of the Land: The Seed Savers and Other Plays contains a Preface by the playwright, Katherine Koller, which outlines her process of working with the historical conflict of genetically modified seeds that provided the impetus for “The Seed Savers,” and an Introduction placing the work in the context of western Canadian drama by theatre scholar Anne Nothof.  Production photographs of all the plays, including “Cowboy Boots and a Corsage,” “The Early Worm Club” and “Abby’s Place” illustrate the collection.  Athabasca University Press.

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 The Alberta Advantage: An Anthology of Plays

edited by Anne Nothof  – Playwrights Canada Press

“The Alberta Advantage” is not mountains, badlands, oil or wheat, but the creative cultural diversity of the province. This selection of plays highlights political conundrums and community history, the unique customs of small towns and large cities, the end-game scenarios of prairie philosophers and the Wonderland dreams of intellectuals and loners.

Includes: The Third Ascent by Frank Moher, Gravel Run by Conni Massing,  Blowfish by Vern Thiessen, Selling Mr. Rushdie by Clem Martini, Excavations by Eugene Stickland, The Exquisite Hour by Stewart Lemoine, Kabloona Talk by Sharon Pollock, While My Mother Lay Dreaming by Doug Curtis.

Including Coal Valley: The Making of a Miner by Katherine Koller

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Taking the Stage

by Cynthia Zimmerman – Playwrights Canada Press

A collection of excellent scenes and monologues from 47 contemporary Canadian women playwrights. No other collection can expose the reader to as much material or as many unique voices.

Including Cowboy Boots and a Corsage by Katherine Koller

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Instant Applause

by Various Authors – Playwrights Canada Press

A collection of twenty-nine complete plays lasting no longer than ten to fifteen minutes each. An anthology of first-class writing, easily adaptable for a number of theatrical needs and experiences. Whether reading for pleasure, for the classroom, or looking for the perfect short piece to do as a stage production, this anthology can accommodate all your short play needs.

Including Beatty by Katherine Koller

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Three On The Boards

edited by Kit Brennan – Signature Editions

In plays for three actors, everyone is fighting their own battle in a sharp-cornered ring, which flings them together and then apart. These seven plays from writers across the country paint a dark and mainly urban picture of Canada in the first decade of this new millennium. Love is variously celebrated and thrown away—as is tolerance, as is hope. Many of the characters are running as hard as they can away from themselves. At the same time, they are endearing, caustic, funny, and very human Included are: Curtsy by Brian Drader, In the Yichud Room by Joel Fishbane, Suicide Notes by Kenneth T. Williams, Canada House by J. Karol Korczynski,Three Dogs Barking by Frank Barry, and Purity Test by Scott Sharplin.

Including Starter Home by Katherine Koller

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Going It Alone: Plays by Women for Solo Performers

By Kit Brennan – Nuage Editions

Going it alone is a fact of life for may women. This international collection of Plays from 32 women playwrights explores the joys and sorrows, loves and losses in the lives of women. The subject matter is as various as the challenge of growing up and away, of confronting difficult career and family paths, of trying to hold on to love or integrity–and all of the other big questions that make up what life is like for women at the beginning of the 21st century.

Including Madonna of the Wilderness by Katherine Koller

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Working the Beat – The Edmonton Neighborhood Foot Patrol

by Katherine Koller Published by Edmonton Police Service

Drawing on street interviews and observations, this book reports with text, photographs and conversation, how the Edmonton Police Service introduced community policing in 21 high-incident areas of the city. The 21 constables were given office space in their communities and walked the beat, every shift. In this way they became part of their communities and learned to solve problems before they happened. They partnered with volunteer neighborhood advisory committees, and were an active, visible, daily presence, gearing their activities to the needs of the neighborhood. The first of its kind in Canada, the Edmonton Neighborhood Foot Patrol was an experiment that was designed to get constables out of their vehicles, build relationships in the community and engage the whole neighborhood in keeping it safe.

View the complete PDF of Working the Beat below: