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Full-Length Plays

  Last Chance Leduc

Drama, Full-length (90 minutes), 2 males, 2 females

Theatre Rising, Grande Prairie Regional College, 2015

Backstage Theatre, Fringe Theatre Adventures, Edmonton, 2018

Set during the 1947 Leduc oil strike, Wes and Ev struggle in the oil and water of a young marriage in peril, in winter, in a tarpaper shack in the woods, with a baby and another dry well.  He wants a gusher, she wants a garden and Tricky wants a girl like Ev, his best friend’s wife. While the men work all day and all night, Ev meets a lady trapper in the woods, Nohkum, who shows her the power of the river in the difficult landscape of marriage.

Last Chance Leduc has had readings in Edmonton, Calgary, Banff, Grande Prairie, Devon and Aberdeen, Scotland. View a clip from the Aberdeen presentation here. View a clip from the 2018 Edmonton production here.

Photos courtesy Miranda Aubie-Nelson, Tracy Carroll and Ian Jackson.






















The Seed Savers

Drama.  Two Acts.  3 males, 2 females.
Workshop West Theatre, 2009
Station Arts Centre, 2010

The Seed Savers takes on a watershed event in human history- the multinational push to introduce genetically modified seed into our food supply.

Mindy and Joe have invested fifty years in their family, their farm and each other, but when genetically-modified seed finds its way into their prized canola, they find much more at risk than a farmers’ ancient right to sow their own seed.

Faced with the fight to hold on to their farm, they find themselves at odds over past choices and their way forward. The Seed Savers is about pride, forgiveness and a granddaughter named Sky. – Reviews

The Seed Savers – AUDIO  Act 1 Scene 4



Photos Courtesy Workshop West Theatre


Photos Courtesy of Station Arts Centre


Coal Valley: The Making of a Miner

Drama/History.  Two Acts.  4 males, 2 females.
The Royal Tyrrell Museum Theatre, 2005

In The Alberta Advantage, edited by Anne Nothof,  Playwrights Canada Press, 2008  – Publications – Reviews

This is the story of Chip, a boy who lost his father in the 1914 Hillcrest mining disaster, but who wants more than anything to be an underground coal miner.

Against his mother’s wishes, he gets hired on at the new mines in their new home in the Red Deer River Valley. He makes friends with Slav, an immigrant miner who only wants a wife, and together they brave the courses of history between the world wars, fighting racism, strikes, unsafe conditions and unfair owners, but finding a life that allows them to be “their own man.” Their wives, however, have differing views on that!

When it is time for Chip to close the last mine, he finds what he has been searching for all along in the deep: the spirit of his father, the lost miner, who has been coaching and protecting him from the beginning.

Photos Courtesy of Atlas Coal Mine