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Radio Plays

Hope Soup

Drama. 50 minutes.
Jodi, a guerilla gardener, discovers the truth about Ryder, the neighborhood pimp, while Nanny Grey stirs the soup.

Hear the complete radio play, recorded for Edmonton Script Salon Podcasts, below.

Hope Soup


Drama. 30 minutes.
Magpic, a parole surveillance officer, runs a halfway house with an agenda of her own.

Magpie AUDIO Excerpt
Hear the complete radio play below.

Magpie CBC 1995-01-27

Abby’s Place

Drama. 30 minutes.
Rodney fixes up a northern lake cabin as a healing place for Abby, but it becomes his own salvation.

Cowboy Boots and a Corsage

Drama. 30 minutes.
Roxanne wants out of small town southern Alberta but she can’t leave her mom, Jeannie, yelling at cows on the prairie.

Hear the complete radio play below.

                                                                                Cowboy Boots CBC 1991-11

Lily of the Prairie

Drama. 60 minutes.
Lily goes to London to fulfill her grandpa’s last wishes, but gets caught in 1666 in a romantic, search for her own place in the world.