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Taking Flight
30-minute documentary for Company of Women on the Screen, broadcast on Optik TV.

Citie Ballet, Edmonton, goes from homegrown to professtional. View it here.

Abby’s Place

Drama. Feature length. Unproduced.

Cowboy Boots and a Corsage

Drama.  Feature length. In development.

See Trailer here (use the pw COWS)

Getting Out, Staying Safe

Produced by the John Howard Society
Documentary/Motivational. 30 minutes.

A half hour video on harm reduction for exiting inmates.

Through interviews with inmates, the video provides solid information, debunks myths, and addresses some of the common fears of those about to leave the institution. Former inmates talk about the biggest risk factors an exiting prisoner faces, and what resources may be available in any community to helps someone avoid those risks.

  • Winner of the Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association 2008 Award for Best Motivational Production of 2007
  • Produced for The John Howard Society of Alberta by the creative team that brought you “Pieces of the Puzzle”
  • A Non-Prescription Needle Use Consortium Prisons Task Group harm reduction initiative, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada
  • This video is intended to give individuals reentering the community valuable information they may need to stay healthy once they are out.

The video covers three major topics:

  • What are HIV, Hep C and STIs, how you can get them, and how you can stay safe.
  • What is harm reduction, and how to practice HR techniques if you revert to using when you are out.
  • What kinds of services are available in the community when you get out – where you can stay, eat, and where you can get ID or clean needles.

Funding for this publication and multimedia project was provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada. The opinions expressed in this video are those of the Filmmaker and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Produced by the Company of Women on the Screen for The John Howard Society of Alberta.

Getting Out Safe Produced by the John Howard Society