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Cowboy Boots and a Corsage

Cowboy Boots and a Corsage will be produced at the Festival of Canadian One-Act Plays at Borelians Community Theatre in Port Perry, Ontario, on May 7, 8, 14 and 15, 2010 at Town Hall 1873 in Port Perry.

After her husband drops dead at Harry’s Bar, Jeannie’s still got lots to lose.  Her daughter Roxanne is going nowhere fast, her half-section of prairie grass is up for grabs, and her personal pride is all but gone if she takes the only job she’ll ever get, at Harry’s Bar. Despite the cows that keep calling, the old friend turned know-it-all, and the men, who treat them like the new girls in town, Jeannie needs to start over and Roxanne needs to get started by finding the way back to each other in a private mother-daughter celebration.