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Heart of Darkness

TE_HeartofDarkness_poster v2bKatherine Koller’s adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, a new dance drama presented by Theatre Encounter in Calgary, Alberta, premieres November 21-24, 2012 at the Theatre Junction Grand. Directed by Mike Unrau, with Choreography by Sarah Poffenroth and Jennifer DeWolf, original music is composed by Riley Koenig of Vancouver.  The cast features Rhandi Neal as Charles Marlow, Andrew Lewis as Kurtz, Shelby Jansen as the Helmsman, Claire Bolton as the Russian and Kristina Stephenson as The Ivory Woman and Keena Herman as The Intended.  Claire Bolton, Kristina Stephenson and Shelby Jansen are also the Townspeople, the Uncle and Nephew and the Eldorados.  Theatre Encounter’s Heart of Darkness explores the African continent’s colonization and the European obsession with ivory through North American imperialism and the American obsession with oil. By reinventing classic texts through a modern Canadian perspective, with a strong emphasis on provocative language and embodying movement, Theatre Encounter offers Calgarians an alternative to the mainstream view of classic dramatic literature.