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Opera Briefs at Tapestry New Opera

Madonna of the WildernessAs a result of participation in Tapestry New Opera’s Composer-Librettist Laboratory (LibLab), three mini-libretti by Katherine Koller were performed September 21, 22 and 23, 2012, at Opera Briefs. Featured in the program were: “Where is Ava?” (Katherine Koller, librettist; Ivan Barbotin, composer), Andrea Ludwig as Chloe, Keith Klassen as Eddie, Geoffrey Sirett as Matt and accompanied by Christopher Foley (piano); “She is Me” (Katherine Koller, librettist; Lembit Beecher, composer), Allison Cecilia Arends as Janna and Geoffrey Sirett as Grandpa, accompanied by Christopher Foley (piano); and  “Wash the Loss Away” (Katherine Koller, librettist; Benton Roark, composer), Alison Cecilia Arends as Madonna, Keith Klassen as Gardener, and Andrea Ludwig, Geoffrey Sirett and Jennifer Tung as Chorus, accompanied by Christopher Foley (piano).

Katherine is currently working on a chamber opera libretto, Madonna of the Wilderness,  which contains  “Wash the Loss Away,” with support from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Wash the Loss recording features Alison Cecilia Arends as Madonna (L), Keith Klassen as Gardener (R), and Andrea Ludwig, Geoffry Sirett and Jennifer Tung as Chorus, accompanied by Dr. Christopher Foley on piano.