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Last Chance Leduc wins Alberta Playwriting Competition

Katherine Koller’s Last Chance Leduc has won the Grand Prize in the Alberta Playwriting Competition. The prize is $3,500 and a reading at Playworks InkAPC_Logo at the Banff Centre.

In Last Chance Leduc, which is set during the biggest historical event in Alberta, the 1947 Leduc oil strike, Evalma and Wes struggle in the push-pull of a young marriage in peril, in winter, in a tarpaper shack in the woods, with a baby and another dry well.  Wes wants a gusher, Ev wants a garden and Tricky wants a girl like her, his best friend’s wife.  While the men work all day and all night, Ev meets a lady trapper in the woods, Nohkom, who shows her the power of the river in the difficult landscape of marriage.