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“The Lost Goddess” at The Mommy Monologues

Mommy-Monologues-2017-Poster-web  Commissioned by SkirtsAfire Her Arts Festival, The Mommy Monologues are a collection of short plays by women about motherhood. Featuring monologues by Beth Graham, Katherine Koller, Annette Loiselle, Conni Massing, Nicole Moeller, Mieko Ouchi, Dana Rayment, Glenda Stirling, Michele Vance Hehir and Cat Walsh, and a song by Andrea House.  Directed by Glenda Stirling, Production design by Tessa Stamp, Sound design by Paul Morgan Donald, Dramaturgy by Tracy Carroll, and starring Coralie Cairns, Mary Hulbert and Chantelle Han. March 2-12, 2017 at the Alberta Avenue Community building, the SkirtsAfire Festival venue. Featured below, Coralie Cairns in “The Lost Goddess” by Katherine Koller at SkirtsAfire.Coralie in Lost Goddess